Class Descriptions

Class Name Class Description Ages Suggested
Arts & Crafts Fun beginner art class that allows students to engage in short projects together while getting creative in a fun, supportive environment. 5+**
Artsy Fartsy Each week this class playfully explores a different art form, but we always keep it lighthearted and fun. Every style is on the table, as long as it’s full of color! 5+**
Baby Sign Language Learn some basic American Sign Language with your little one! Things like “more,” “all done,” “diaper,” etc. Signing for hearing children is a wonderful way to connect to your baby and help them to talk. <3
Beginner Parkour Beginner parkour class for children where they learn to interact with the world around them by creatively jumping, climbing, crawling, and even rolling. It’s a physical art form of natural movement that is completely unscripted. 5-10
Beyblades Club A social activity for kids who love Beyblades. We supervise while they enjoy this activity in small groups. 8+
Book Nerds Join Amanda, a college professor, for a young adult reading and writing club. The group will be student led, and Amanda will facilitate group discussions and try to further encourage reading and writing as a hobby. 10+
Bracelet Making Beginner jewelry making class focused on making bracelets. 5+
Brain Games A fun team building game of collaboration and group cohesion while overcoming challenges together. This activity is a trivia game played in teams that challenges students with questions on a variety of topics. Think family feud meets Jeopardy. 5+
Chess Club Join Bob on Tuesdays for chess club/lessons for students 10+. Beginners welcome, boards and pieces provided, just an interest in learning needed! 10+
Clay Sculpting Beginner sculpting class for children. In this hands-on introduction to sculpting, students will have the opportunity to experience working with different types of clay. 5+
Clubhouse OPEN PLAY at TRIBE.All of the big games are available, as well as foosball, skee ball, a craft, the LEGO room, and several rotating activities each week. The perfect place to meet for playdates and unwind (specific times only) 5+**
Coding (3rd-5th grade) Beginner coding class for kids in grades 3-5. Female students use the “Girls Who Code” curriculum Grades 3-5
Coding (6th-12th grade) Beginner coding class for kids in grades 6-12. Female students use the “Girls Who Code” curriculum Grades 6-12
Crafting Constructive, hands-on activities for students who prefer more physical forms of art. Projects could include paper-mache, decoupage, recycled materials creations, jewelry making, and much more. 5+
Crafty Gifts An art class focused on creating seasonal items, and works that can be given as presents to others. 5+
Dance Party Each week students learn a few of the current most popular dances and a short sequence that brings them together. Dance battles and free form movement are also incorporated weekly. 5+
Dinosaur Club A fun social activity for kids 3-7 years old that love dinosaurs! We will learn about them and do fun activities all with dinosaurs as the theme! 3-7
Drama Club Beginners level acting class where students practice techniques used in the theatre. This class expands their world into the art of drama and acting. Students enjoy the opportunity to use their imaginations creating fun scenes with their friends. 6+
Draw the Zoo Beginner drawing classes for children. Each session will include learning about and learning to draw a different animal. 5+
Fiber Arts Students work on new projects each week such as weaving, hand embroidery and felting. Recommend for 8+ because some weeks we will be working with needles. 8+
FitKids A fitness class for kids! Help your children develop the lifelong habit of daily exercise by starting young! 4+
Gamers Lounge Interest group for kids who love video games and want to hang out and chat with other kids about the strategy, history, and theory of games. 8+
Guitar Beginner music lessons provide the basic fundamentals for guitar. Classes are easy-going and have students playing modern songs immediately. 8+
Happy Hearts(Emotional Wellness) An emotional wellness workshop to help your child enhance their ability to manage stressful feelings and cultivate happiness using gratitude, self-love, and positive thinking. Crafts and games are used to engage the students in developing these tools. 5+**
Harry Potter Club Each week is a different activity involving Harry Potter themed crafting, activities, games, and discussions! Everyone will be sorted into their Hogwarts houses and we have weekly chats about our favorite book series! 5+
Heart Art (Emotional Wellness) This drawing and art class encourages children to express themselves through drawing exercises and opportunities encouraging feelings identification and self expression. 5+
Helping Hands (Service) An activity for children who wish to help out around the community center. We will set up activities and projects for the kids to help with, and this will be an opportunity for them to assist and serve. 5+**
Intro to Spanish Beginner Spanish language instruction, taught by a native speaker. Weekly lessons teach basic vocabulary on a theme, and with consistent attendance, students learn phrases and conversational ability grows. 5-10
Junque Art What we have laying around TRIBE will become the basis for some fun and creative art projects! 5+
Kids Yoga Mindfulness, yoga poses and sequences are taught using a variety of techniques including story-telling, songs, crafts and games. 5+**
Preschool Music In every class, your child is welcomed into a playful and nurturing environment where they will sing, move, play instruments, and hear stories—all while developing social skills, problem-solving skills, pre-math skills, and a foundation for reading. This is a fun class filled with singing, dancing, and instruments! <6
LEGO Builders We start with a LEGO themed activity, and then also have a building activity of some kind. There will be flexibility for the club to steer its activities and options to make the club accessible to a wide variety of ages. 5+**
Mindful Lessons for Little Ones Mindfulness hour for kids. Introduction to mindfulness for children using a variety of fun activities, games, songs, crafts, and other tools. Private or small group sessions are also available by appointment for special needs students. See Kiki. 5+**
Mural Painting & More (Large Projects) Students are painting a mural in our STEM room during each class. They will also work onother large scale projects. Some examples of other projects planned are to paint a large piece of furniture, paint our parkour equipment and paint some doors. 8+
Music Exploration Music Explorationsdevelops the love, appreciation and hands on experience of music. Constructive positive activities include rhythm, melodic, and harmonic exercises designed to teach music basics in fun, individually suited ways. This class allows plenty of freedom for students to explore music. 5+
Photography Beginner photography class. Learn to hone those photo-taking skills! Cameras are provided! 8+
Plant Babes Class on succulents: planting, care, and propagation. The class will get the center all set up with plants and take care of them. 5+
Pokemon Club A new Pokemon activity each week including learning how to say their names, draw Pokemon, organize/ trade cards, and make new friends who share the same passion for Pokemon! We often play the card game during the club. We do not trade cards in our club. 5+
Preschool Playgroup Playtime for children 2-5 years old (and their caregivers). Children will have the opportunity to make art, explore stations, free play and move around in a fun environment while making new friends. Children must be potty trained (and over 5) in order to be dropped off. <5
Preschool Storytime Storytime for little ones infant-5 years old (and their caregivers). Children will have the opportunity to explore literature in a fun environment while making new friends. Children must be potty trained (and over 5) in order to be dropped off. <5
Science Club Mad Scientists focus on a weekly topic, performing experiments together, doing group demonstrations, or creating something to take home…all involving the vast world of science! 8+
Science Kids Join Ms.Stacey, owner & educator of Philanthrolab Science Shop, for fun & educational science demonstrations! Little Scientists will have hands-on activities, a Read Aloud, and a Make N Take. 3-7
Sewing 101 Sewing 101 is basic sewing lessons including hand stitching, learning to use a sewing machine, and using basic patterns. Each child takes home a small project each week. 8+
Stamping Around (Rubber Stamp Art) Students will have the opportunity to make art projects with our extensive stamp pad/ink collection. 5+**
Sustainable Kids Students will learn the importance of environmental stewardship, and look for ways that TRIBE can be more sustainable. They will help research and implement small changes at the center and work to reduce the impact our activities have on the environment. 5+
Ninjago Tai Chi Beginner Tai Chi class for children. A combination of movement and meditation, Tai Chi promotes inner harmony and relaxation. 5+**
Ukulele Beginner music lessons provide the basic fundamentals for ukulele. Classes are easy-going and have students playing modern songs immediately. 6+
Yoga for Everyone An adaptable yoga class for all, where we will explore a variety of poses to improve focus and body awareness. All ages
Yoga Playtime Yoga class for kids ages 4-12 (flexible) that also incorporates plenty of fun playtime and organic movement. This is yoga for wiggly ones! 5+**