Community Closet

Did you know that TRIBE Seminole Heights has a community closet? When children’s clothing is donated, our neighbors at Valhalla Resale are generous enough to launder it for us, and then we organize the clothing and make it available to any family with a need for clothing (also shoes and other small essentials). Though clothing donations have been received in abundance, it has been difficult to keep the items organized neatly by size and gender. Since we rely on donations, the closet was put together using old bookshelves, crates, and even garden shelves, and was a mess!

Recently, through a donation from the Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association and the Van Wert family, our closet was made over with a custom build-out perfect for our needs. Bruce Van Wert, a local carpenter, designed and built the perfect closet for TRIBE. Bruce ran a similar community closet for many years, so he proposed and executed a design that is absolutely amazing! The closet was installed by Bruce, and OSHNA President, Tim Keeports. OSHNA used funds from the home tour to buy the materials needed to construct the closet, and Bruce (along with his wife, Kathy) donated his time, labor, and additional funds for materials.

TRIBE is extremely grateful to the Van Wert family, and OSHNA for their assistance with this project, and excitedly added the association’s logo to the door of the closet. Donations of children’s clothing can be delivered to Valhalla Resale or to TRIBE.

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