Kids Discover New Activities at Tribe (Fox 13)

“Tribe is powered by the neighborhood, so we are a non-profit community center. we are totally led by volunteers,” said founder Kristen Brown.

“We find a way to figure out if it’s a feasible activity that kids will be excited about and if it passes that test we’ll give it a shot,” said Brown.

Kids can test the activities, at the low cost of $5 an hour, so that they can figure out what they like.

“It’s so difficult when we tell our kids, ‘OK, you can go and try this activity but you have to stick with it because you have made a commitment,’ and they haven’t even tried it yet and it’s a big financial obligation,” said Brown.

Volunteers drive down the cost. Arts and crafts materials are donated and so are the clothes for those who need them.

“The way we’re able to help them in other ways is powerful. We’re getting them clothes, we’re showing them love, we’re letting them feel stronger they go someplace and they get built up and they get praise and they get complimented and I can see them changing,” said Brown.

Kids are finding their passion and their tribe.

“You can make a lot of friends and learn a lot of stuff”, said 8-year-old Parks Foote.

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