Let There Be Pokemon

Near the beginning of this journey, Logan and I had a serious talk about what it would mean for our family to try to start Tribe-Seminole Heights. We talked about the changes that would be necessary in our lifestyle, and the long and short term sacrifices we would have to make in order for me to try to make this dream happen. There was a lot he didn’t understand, at least then. We brainstormed the kinds of activities we would have for a long time, and he was sure about one thing- he wanted to have a Pokemon Club. I promised him that would be one of our activities. That’s one of the reasons it took us a while to get it going, we had to make it good- this is my gift to my sweet boy!

I’m SO excited about the How to Play Pokemon Workshop we are having this morning. Mikey Corso and Samantha Ann are the most awesome Pokemon Trainers! They are so great with the kids, and Mikey is practically a celebrity with them, they think he’s the coolest! They have prepared a presentation to help the attendees learn the card game. After learning (or refreshing), they will break up into small groups to play.

Each Tuesday, I have to kick the Pokemon Club out, they always want to play for longer. I hope to see all those familiar faces, and some new ones, this morning at 10:00 am. Please be reminded that we will execute this workshop on the 1st floor of the church, which is more conducive to Pokemon play, and can hold tons of folks, so feel free to bring last minute friends!

We also have a TRIBE Work Day on the 3rd floor. It’s a mess up there right now (by my standards), so I’d love extra hands getting the place straightened up, and a few things done.

Both events, the workshop, and the work day, are open to the public, so COME ON DOWN!

– Kiki

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