Murals, Murals, Everywhere


Memi Rodriguez is transforming TRIBE with her art. She’s been leading a mural painting class  for the last few months. The class has  transformed one of the walls in the larger activity room into a masterpiece we have named “Kiki’s Garden”. The fun didn’t stop there, along with her art students, she designed and created a mural on vinyl that we displayed on Central Ave for several weeks in May, and now hangs in the TRIBE entryway.

She has started a new mural, in the room with the big light bulb that we use for STEM. She is drawing an army of LEGO guys doing TRIBE activities, and our kids are enjoying painting it. If your child is interested in learning to paint murals, and wants to work on this next creation, we invite you to join Memi in her Monday mural class at 6pm.

Memi volunteers at TRIBE through the nonprofit, Instruments 4 Life. We’ll continue to share more about those amazing folks in the future!

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